Welcome to the NDOR Practice Section

Please use this to book your day of practice at the track. This has to be done for the traceability for Covid-19. To use this system simple log into your account and add the events (Days) you wish to your basket. 

There is no restriction on how often members may attend each week but all we ask is for you to be sensible and follow all the governemnt guidelines. 


Covid-19 Track Usage - August 2021

Please adere to the following guidelines

 All visitors to NDOR must adhere to the guidlines set out by the BRCA.

Gloves and a hi-vis vest MUST be worn when marshaling.

Gloves MUST be worn while in the pitlane.

Please bring your own sanitisers and PPE for your personal use if you feel you require it.

Please be respectful of other visitors wishes to wear PPE.


Be aware, if these guidelines aren’t adhered to, the track will be closed untill further notice.

We at NDOR are doing our best to get you to the track so please don’t abuse it, just go out and enjoy yourselves.

Event Event Date Capacity Registered Available Place Register
Practice Saturday18th September 2021 18-09-2021 10:00 am 100 16 84

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Practice Sunday 19th September 2021 19-09-2021 10:00 am 100 3 97

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Practice Saturday 25th September 2021 25-09-2021 10:00 am 100 0 100 Registration will be started on 20-09-2021 1:00 am